IDG Consortium ( HK ) Limited is registered in Hong Kong, with our international planning & design team came from USA, South east Asia and other diversified culture and background. Our firm is design-oriented multi-discipline practice in Planning & Urban Design, Architecture, Landscaped Design, Interior Design and Project Management. We are committed to providing uncompromised high quality of planning & design solutions to our Clients. Through the years of practice, the firm has gained vast international exposure and China local experience alike. IDG Consortium is also part of the strategic partnership with Singapore A & J  Architects, which  was  established  in  2003  under  Architects  Act  1991  in  Singapore.
IDG Consortium ( HK ) Limited consists of the following members:
  • Singapore i-max Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Ele Design Group Limited
  • Lexscape ( Chiangmai ) Pte Ltd
  • Shenzhen IDG Architecture Design Limited
  • Shenzhen AOP Landscaped Design Limited

Major cooperative customers